Shafeen's Story

Nightstop preventing rough sleeping

Shafeen became homeless at 19.  She stayed with friends for about a month and then spent a night in an isolated corner of Bradford City Centre where she thought no one would come by. She said she never thought she would be homeless.  “I am a smart girl and was good at school.”  Shafeen says sleeping rough affected her physically, she lost lots of weight.  She didn’t know what would happen in the future and how long her situation would last.  The weather was freezing and she felt really depressed.  “I was thinking of suicide at one point.”


“Nightstop was the best thing, it was safe, you are at home, it was a really nice room.”  Shafeen only stayed with Nightstop for one night but she called it a ‘turning point’.  She secured lodgings with the Foyer (young people’s supported housing) and months later sent her hosts a Christmas card and we heard that she had moved to live with relatives in Scandinavia and was doing fine.