Emergency Scheme

Since 1993 and over 10,000 bed nights later, Bradford Nightstop's emergency scheme has been providing accommodation for homeless young people in the homes of vetted and trained volunteers.


Homeless people are prevented from rough sleeping until their longer term solution is resolved. One night at a time, they are offered a place of safety with a room of their own, transport, meals, basic essential supplies, washing facilities and support to their next step.


The Nightstop model - active in over 30 locations across the Depaul UK network - is an efficient and valuable alternative to hostel or shelter accommodation. It responds quickly and flexibly to immediate need, is free at the point of use and does not consider the young person's status with regard to entitlement to benefit or residency. Young people's Nightstop experience is overwhelmingly positive in feedback (95%+), and our support and direction to other agencies combats a culture of dependency developing in Nightstop users.


Referrals are made over the telephone from a trusted referral agency to one of our volunteer Telephone Contact Persons (TCP) during extensive referral hours (Mon-Fri: 9.30am-10pm; Sat-Sun: 10am-9pm). Following a short risk assessment the young person can be placed with one of over thirty Nightstop hosts and transport arrangements made. Bradford Nightstop is non-judgmental and embraces diversity - the diversity of its volunteer base is reflected in our service user makeup.


See the referral process step-by-step here.  To refer a young person today please call our referral line number: 03300537664